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 M Orga Oral Liquid is an 18 years of vigorous research organic product, it is extracted from leaves of plant called FAHM; During the plantation of FAHM on a massive scale, no chemical fertilizer, pesticide or any such product been used for the growth of the plant. In fact, in the process again he used earthworms excrete as fertilizer.  M Orga Oral Liquid can be used as alternative medicine for acute diabetic and blood pressure patients. The product has enormous benefits on overall physical conditions besides diabetes and blood pressure. We have conducted (90 days/3 months) clinical trial on various patients and collected the results, which shows significant reduction that is difficult with any medicine available in the market.

Clinical Studies

Patients aged 40 – 70 (m/f), on medicine for last 15 years, after using  M Orga Oral Liquid for 2 months the Hb1ac dropped from 11.8 to 9.4, this is a significant result achieved which is very rare with normal medicines as per medical science. Another results  M Orga Oral Liquid for less than 2 months the Hb1ac dropped from 9.8 to 8.0, During the trial patients were using M Orga Oral Liquid religiously and have stopped taking oral medicine after 20 days with doctor’s recommendation by observing the patient’s daily progress on fasting/random readings. Reports are attached. M Orga Oral Liquid has been offered to a patient who is going for amputation after doctors taking all the tests.  M Orga Oral Liquid did a miracle effect on the patient, his wound started drying up in 48 hours and after 78 hours doctors were surprised to see the results and agreed not to go for amputation. M Orga Oral Liquid is miraculously showing results after drinking for one continuous week, and as the patient intakes daily for one month or more their sugar level both fasting and random dropping to optimum level.

PCSIR Tests of M-Orga Oral Liquid

We have done lab tests for our M-Orga Oral Liquid from the renowned laboratory of Pakistan, named PCSIR, their tests are widely accepted globally. Test details are as follows:


Each 200 ml contains:

Protein(g/100g)12.50Calcium (mg/100)328.26
Fiber(g/100g)11.40Iron (mg/100)34.42
Niacin20%Magnesium (g/100g)24.72
Riboflavin30%Potassium (mg/100)985.4
Zinc25%Vitamin A(mg/100)0.3
Phosphorus3%Vitamin C(mg/100)12.24
Manganese115%Vitamin D (mg/100)0.012
Fat (g/100g)1.00Vitamin E(mg/100)0.168
AflatoxinNot DetectedCorticosteroidNill

It is now available on Amazon. A PCSIR (Pakistan Council Scientific & Industrial Research) reports proves that it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals which are better for human health. It is approved from DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) for national and international sale. We produce all the products with the help of leaves and Distillation process.

Pure as

M Orga Qehwa