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Our Introduction


We Are Your Comprehensive Partner In The World Of Global Commerce, Offering A Diverse Array Of Services That Span Trading, Export, Automotive Solutions, Agriculture Products, And Specialized Manpower Services. With A Rich History And A Forward-thinking Approach, We’ve Carved Our Niche As A Trusted Name Known For Innovation, Reliability, And Unwavering Dedication To Our Customers’ Needs.


What We Offers


Our Products

  1. Health Considerations:

    • Organic Qehwa: Organic products are often considered healthier for consumers, as they are less likely to contain traces of synthetic chemicals used in conventional farming.
    • Conventional Qehwa: Conventional products may contain residues of synthetic chemicals that could potentially be harmful if consumed.
  2. Certification and Standards:

    • Organic Qehwa: Organic products are certified by regulatory bodies that ensure the products meet specific organic farming standards. These standards vary by country but generally involve strict guidelines for farming practices.
    • Conventional Qehwa: Conventional farming doesn’t adhere to the same strict organic standards.


Cars & Auto Parts

We are here to facilitate, innovate, and drive success in the dynamic world of automotive trade and commerce. Join us in this journey of growth and prosperity

Why Choose Us ?


M.RAIKOU LLC emerges as a prominent player in the world of international trade and commerce, specializing in the automotive sector. With a distinguished legacy spanning decades, we have transitioned from our origins in agriculture machinery to become a global authority in trading, export, cars, and automotive parts


M.RAIKOU Full Auto Part Facility boasts a vast and meticulously curated inventory of auto parts, covering everything from essential engine components to intricate electrical systems.


What They Say

Finest Quality The harvesters provided by M.RAIKOU are from the top quality brands like Iseki, Mitsubishi and Yanmar. I have witnessed excellence in their performance.

Jessica Sommer

Authenticity of Products Products listed on M.RAIKOU are genuine, one can feel like their trust is in great hands as M.RAIKOU has always shown integrity in their services and have authentic products of prominent agriculture companies.

Bryan Lambert

Excellent experience with M Orga Quality makes the world of difference and when everyone in my family gives positive feedback on organic Qehwa that makes my faith in the brand stronger. They never compromise with their quality standards.

Kristin Foster

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